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At the present time every computer more Easily connect and relate with other computers in a computer network. Computer networks can happen with cable and wirelessly. Wired computer networks are static and lack of flexibility Because every computer attached to the network cable to one another so that the computer can not be transferred and under by users. Nonetheless computer network can occur and be formed without using a so-called wireless cable via Wi-Fi, internet signal on the modem and the other. The more Easily transfer of data on one computer with other computers will certainly have a positive impact and negative impacts.

In previous posts I've explained some of the advantages of computer networks, but besides that, there are Also negative effects that can harm your computer that is connected to a computer network such as computer viruses, computer malware, spyware computer, and others. Interference and attack on your computer can cause all sorts of problems, especially on the security of your data. People who are not responsible can break into your computer and steals important the data and can also damage the existing Data on your computer. Here are some tips to secure your computer when connected to a computer network.

1. Install Network Monitoring. Network monitoring is an application that serves to the make the setting and monitoring of the network on your computer when the computer is connected in a network. Network monitoring can help you in managing your computer connectivity in computer networks

2. Install Computer Anti - Virus. Anti-virus is very important that when you connect your computer to another computer. When your computer is connected to a computer network indirectly transfer the data you open access to all the other computers on the network so it is important to protect your computer by using anti-virus. Some premium anti-virus can protect the security of your the data when connected to a computer network, especially when spring skate on the internet.

Remember that this is now a crime can happen anywhere, Including on the internet. Secure your computer by installing anti-virus anti-virus paid due paid more reliable in meeting the computer virus.

3. Protect your important the data with a password. Security of data you have very vulnerable when your computer is connected to a computer network. There is no harm if you do your extra security to protect the data and important files with a strong password. In this way, Although hackers break into your computer, but he will not be Able to open your important files Because it was protected with a password.
Actually there are many ways you can do to secure the computer you have while it is connected to a computer network. The three methods above is a method - the basic method I know to secure your personal computer and the data that you have. May be useful

Ilustration of Computer Server

Server is an important part of a computer network. Computer server function to provide services and requests made by computer - the client computer. Choosing the right server is a must in order to Ensure the fulfillment of the business processes on a computer network to be built.

Selection of the server must be Able to adjust to the needs - the needs of the network to be built. On this occasion we will give you some tips on how to choose the best server for your network. It is most important and should be Considered is how big the network that you create. The larger the network will certainly require a server computer specifications are very high. For example, if you are going to build a network to be accessed by a country that should be Able to choose a server that is a very high quality so it will not accept the request overwhelmed in large quantities?

The problems in analyzing the number of clients is important, many cases a website is down and inaccessible because of too many users Accessing and can not be served by the server computer. Selection server must Also Be Able to meet the file storage to be used, the files must be stored in a server with capacity slake lest servers used are not capable of storing all the data.
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Another factor that you should Consider selecting the server in the data security. Data is something that should be kept secret so that the security of your Data is very important. Be sure to choose a service provider computer server that can guarantee the security of data from both internal and external parties. Also Security server must be related to ease of maintenance server. A server must be well maintained Generally Because the server is rarely turned off.

Features and other services must Also be owned by the servers that we use. In general, the features are and must be present in the server computer Including the ability upgrades, and technical support should always be online and easily accessible to facilitate in addressing the issue. Hopefully this short article about the manner of selecting a good server can be useful.