South Africa also has its own successful Download 3D printing service, called Rapid3D. This company offers 3D print services, that let you print your own models, but you can also buy a 3D printer from Rapid3D. The company started years before 3D printing entered the mainstream in the world of technology, back in 2004. By that time, the team bought their first 3D printer, which was a ZPrinter 310. 

They initially wanted to set up a bureau service in ZwaZulu Natal, but things got a little out of hand – in a positive way – and after an agreement with ZCorporation, this company ended up to become South African agents for American 3D printing giant 3D Systems.


 The idea behind the company is to enable people with 3D printing services that don’t have a 3D printer at home. The company says their services are also useful for folks who want to try the technique before buying a 3D printer. If you’re located in South Africa, you can use their services and make use of two kinds of 3D printers: 

the ZPrinter 650, which is a full color printer, and the Project 3500 Plus, which is a printer specially made for hard plastic parts. The company so far 3D printed a wide variety of technical elements for in-home devices.

3D Printing Service

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