electronic news
Electronic new on the internet is mainly distributed via usenet news system. Usenet news or dijuga known by the name (Net News) or (News) only. Is a bulletin board that must've and scattered throughout the world that can be used to exchange articles. Anyone can access this news usenet with certain programs, which are usually called newsreader.

Usenet highly efficient dibandingnan mailing list, for example, one system (eg one universal) only need to store one copy of the article. In a mailing list each participant each have the file, causing duplicate.

Usenet news distributed on several levels, from the local level news, the server on the local machine, to the distribution of the world to usenet news eseluruh other system in the world. Usenet newsgroups can be likened to a bulletin board system where users post to the group tetentu which inform all other users of the newsgroups. Each newsgroup communicate on the topic specification itself is also a common name of newsgroups.

Newsgrouop is a popular form of communication with the combination of a lot of intelligence on every topic. Users who read and post to newsgroups ranging from the novice user to the expert user. Asking questions in the newsgroups will produce answers depending on how popular these newsgroups. Access to NNTP protocol or with readings directly to the spool directory for the news, which is the directory in which the article is (the last way is rarely done).

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Access to the news server can also be done by using some web brower As Communictor Netscape and Internet Explorer Miirosoft using URL: New: ndama.dari.newsgroups as the following example. (Note: an example of what can only work when the computer is connected to the Internet and have access to server news), news.soc.cultre.indonesia.
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