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Printing paper. This type of printer is the most widely used and needed by all types of offices and even individuals to housing activities or school events. This printer can make a print based on data transmitted by computer and then poured into paper media. This type of printer types sold freely so it is easy to obtain

Cloth printing. This type of printing is used for a textile company. Usually used to make clothing or textile products better. In general, materials used in printing fabrics made of rubber glue on the cloth so that the media does not easily fade when the fabric dicuci.Jenis printer used in printing fabrics usually slightly larger than the printing paper

Banner printing. This type of printing is usually big size compared with other types of printers. Banner printer can print on materials of large banners with a special ink that can glue on the basis of these banners. This type of printer is used in industry - manufacturing industry alone and rarely banners held by the housing.

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3D Printing. This type of printer that is a very powerful printer that can print and produce a three-dimensional product. 3D printers are widely used in various industries such as health, art, architecture, and other industries much. The materials used in the three-dimensional printers use special materials for three-dimensional printer. And media used for the manufacture of three-dimensional model is a special material, so can not use just any material.