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Cause Not Responding on Computer and Computer and Laptop LAPTOP is a tool often used by humans to facilitate a variety of jobs. Ranging from data processing, printing, design, watching movies and much more. However, the computer can be a problem sometimes often dizzying man himself.

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The example is the computer that is often blank, the computer is often not responding. All of that is a little example of the problems often experienced by people in general. But this time SoBo will discuss about how to resolve the computer that is often not responding.

The occurrence of not responding on your computer is too slow due to a computer to load. For example, when we want to open the application Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw, but too slow to open the application. When we intend to re-close or remove these applications, it happened that computer becomes not responding that turns white.

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Indeed, a lot of the causes of problems such as frequent computer not responding, Windows is not responding, this file is not responding. The cause can also be caused by hardware and software for the computer that has the problem or had suffered severe damage.

Here are various problems or causes of frequent computer not responding.
  • Computer shortcut
One of the causes frequent computer not responding shortcut can also be due to excessive and useless or never we use on the desktop.
One way to overcome that is, do not put too much is too much shortcuts on your computer desktop.

By way of eliminating or do not display the shortcut. You can do by right-clicking on the desktop> View> uncheck show desktop icon.
  • Too Many Applications
Too many applications on the computer, it will cause the computer becomes slower. Because the process is conducted will be more numerous and severe. As a result, your computer will be slow and often have not responding.

To resolve this issue, should uninstall applications which has a capacity that is too large and not useful. We recommend that you install applications that are useful and actually used.
  • Display Overload
Computer display interesting indeed be a desire itself. But taukah you? if you have a computer with a display that would likely result in excessive computer becomes slower and heavier. For example, too much to install widgets that are not useful, such as clock widgets, weather and other unnecessary widgets.

And can also be caused by installing a theme that actually makes your computer becomes slower and often have not responding.

This resulted in RAM used to be slower because your RAM is not commensurate with the application or installed. RAM is what receives all the burden, especially computer display. The more views that you install on your computer that you have the result in RAM will be slow to load all views on your computer.

If you did not have enough RAM and VGA should not install themes tough applications and applications that do not dibutujkan mindless and it can result in your computer becoming slower and often have not responding.

  • Hard drive
The occurrence of not responding not only by comparing the software used, but have also occurred because of the hardware used has been damaged or error. so the computer takes a long time to load the hard drive.

Hard drive error is also caused by too many files are stored, and also caused conflicts resulting computer hard drive into an error and slow.

The cause of error Not Respondingbisa also because the operating system used is damaged, or infected with a virus, the easiest and simplest way is to re-install the operating system you use, but do not forget to copy important data before the reinstall.

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