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The need to print no longer just on paper. Advances in technology can realize what is in your imagination into a more tangible form and can be felt by touch. The presence of 3D printers answer the needs will print a digital design into a real product. 3D printer is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital design into a 3D shape that is not only visible but also held and has volume.

Basically, how the three-dimensional mold making just the same as a conventional inkjet printer where the printer creates a layer or layers of color prints to make an object look like it should. Only on the 3D printers use ink but not the plastic molten wax and other materials so that it becomes a desired object.

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The main principle for printing 3D printers that require data in the form of 3-dimensional as well, or so-called 'three-dimensional digital data'. In the world of engineering commonly called CAD (Computer Aided Design). CAD is an application that can display data in three dimensions.

In contrast to technologies such as the CNC (computer numerical control) that substractive manufacturing, 3D printing adheres additive manufacturing technology in which objects awakened by forming a layer by layer material, instead of dumped materials such as laser cutting / milling machine.
How Machines Work 3D Printers

How it works 3D printer machine is generally divided in three stages of the process, namely:

  1. Model 3D objects

3D Object models can be created by using special software for 3D design model printer supports such solidwork example, catia, Delcam etc.

  2. Printing Process

If the design has been created, you can print directly on a 3D printer. Then the printing process begins, the length of this process depends on the large pencetakkan and size of the model. Printing process using the basic principles of Additive Layer with a series of 3D design process reading machine and began compiling successive layers terut to build virtual models automatically combined to form a complete arrangement integrant.
3. Finishing

At this stage you can enhance complex parts that could be caused by over-sized or a different size than desired. Additional techniques to enhance this process can also use multiple techniques material or different materials; multiple color or combination of colors.


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